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Fox Valley Retriever Club

Membership Application

Start Your Journey: Apply Now to Join the Fox Valley Retriever Club Community

New Membership ($200): Open to individuals. Offers access to club facilities, training groups, and voting rights.

Renewal Membership ($110*): For existing members. Includes same benefits as new membership. *Price assumes 35 volunteer work hours.

Pro Trainer Membership ($670): Designed for professional trainers. Provides access to club facilities and training groups, but does not include voting rights or work hour requirements.

Pro Trainer Volunteer Membership ($320*): For professional trainers contributing 35 volunteer hours. Includes access to all club amenities and voting rights. *Price assumes 35 volunteer work hours.

Volunteer Work Hours: Members must fulfill 35 volunteer work hours each year. Should members choose not to complete these hours, they can opt out by paying $10 for each hour not volunteered, up to a total of 35 hours. For instance, not volunteering for 10 hours would result in a $100 increase in the renewal fee. All listed prices are based on the assumption that the member has completed the required 35 volunteer hours for the year.

Payment: Invoices are sent via PayPal. For alternative payment methods, specify in the application comments for further instructions. Renewal invoices reflect credited volunteer hours and are issued in January.

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