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Fox Valley Retriever Club

AKC Master National

Paving the Path to Master National Excellence


National Ascent

The Fox Valley Retriever Club (FVRC), a beacon in the world of retriever training and competitive hunt tests, is proudly a member of the prestigious Master National Retriever Club (MNRC).


This esteemed affiliation not only elevates the status of FVRC within the retriever community but also opens an exhilarating pathway for its members to qualify for the Master National Retriever Championship, the pinnacle event for retriever enthusiasts across the nation.

Gateway to the Grand Stage

FVRC's hunt tests are officially recognized as qualifying events for the Master National, a distinction that underscores the quality and rigor of the club's competitions.

This recognition means that performances at FVRC hunt tests can directly contribute to a retriever's eligibility to compete in the Master National Championship, provided they meet the stringent requirements set forth by the MNRC.

The journey to the Master National is more than a series of competitions; it's a testament to the enduring partnership between handlers and their retrievers, the pursuit of excellence, and the shared joy of the sport.


Passion and Purpose

Beyond the prestige and competitive opportunities, FVRC's affiliation with the Master National Retriever Club signifies a deeper connection to a nationwide community of retriever enthusiasts. Members of the Fox Valley Retriever Club are part of an expansive network of like-minded individuals, all united in their passion for retriever sports and the pursuit of excellence.


This community offers unparalleled support, knowledge exchange, and camaraderie, enriching the journey to the Master National Championship.

Road to the Master National

For FVRC members, the road to the Master National Championship is paved with opportunity, challenge, and the promise of achieving retriever training's highest honor. Success in FVRC's qualifying hunt tests requires dedication, skill, and a profound bond between handler and dog, qualities that are at the heart of the club's philosophy.


Achieving qualification is not just a testament to a dog's abilities but a milestone in the journey of every handler who dreams of standing among the nation's elite.

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