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Fox Valley Retriever Club

AKC Hunt Tests

A Celebration of Skill, Tradition, and Teamwork


Rising to the Occasion

At the heart of the Fox Valley Retriever Club's mission lies the commitment to elevate the skills of retrievers and their handlers through competitive spirit and mutual respect. This dedication shines brightly during the American Kennel Club (AKC) hunt tests hosted by the club, a testament to the sporting prowess and teamwork between canines and humans.


These events, set against the scenic backdrop of Southeast Wisconsin, offer more than just a competition; they are a celebration of the retriever's heritage and a nod to the future of the sport.

The Essence of the Hunt

AKC hunt tests are designed to simulate real hunting scenarios, challenging dogs to demonstrate their abilities in retrieving under various conditions. These tests are not about outdoing the competition but meeting the high standards set by the AKC.


Divided into categories of Junior, Senior, and Master levels, each test is tailored to evaluate a dog's natural abilities, training, and obedience, ensuring a comprehensive assessment of their hunting skills.


The Path to Excellence

Participants in the AKC hunt tests hosted by the Fox Valley Retriever Club leave with more than just ribbons and titles. They gain invaluable experiences, a deeper understanding of their retrievers' capabilities, and the satisfaction of achieving excellence together.


These tests are milestones in the journey of training and companionship, highlighting the dedication, skill, and spirit of both the dogs and their handlers.

Join the Adventure

As the Fox Valley Retriever Club continues to host AKC hunt tests, it invites enthusiasts from all walks to join in this storied tradition. Whether you're a seasoned handler or new to the world of retriever training, these events offer a unique opportunity to witness the pinnacle of canine performance and to be part of a community that celebrates the enduring bond between humans and their hunting companions.


Take the leap, and experience the thrill of competition, the beauty of teamwork, and the joy of success at our next AKC hunt test event.

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