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Fox Valley Retriever Club


These resources are designed to enhance your training experience and knowledge, offering a wide range of tools and information that can benefit both you and your retriever

Pro Trainers

These trainers are exceptional in their ability to teach clients to confidently and competently handle their dogs. They utilize personalized training methods tailored to each dog, upholding the highest training standards.

Their expertise and commitment to education demonstrated through workshops and seminars, make them an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to enhance their retriever training skills.


Veterinarians We Trust

These professionals are not only trusted by our members but also bring a wealth of knowledge in addressing the specific health needs of active, working breeds.


Their expertise ensures that your dog receives the best care, whether it's routine wellness, specialized treatments, or emergency services, keeping your working companion in top condition.


Our sponsors play a crucial role in our community, helping us to offer the best training, events, and resources to our members and their retrievers.


We invite you to learn more about these wonderful partners whose contributions make a significant impact on our club's success and growth.

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