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Fox Valley Retriever Club

AKC Qualifying Stake

Empowering Teams, Celebrating Success



An Owner Handler Qualifying Stake is a specialized category within field trials designed to assess the abilities of retrievers in a competitive setting. Unlike hunt test contests where dogs are judged against a set of predefined criteria, in a Field Trial Qualifying Stake, dogs compete against one another to earn placements based on their performance.


This format allows both amateur and professional handlers to participate, with a specific distinction for Owner Handler events where the dog must be handled by its owner.


The competition is divided into several series, each designed to test different aspects of the retrievers' capabilities. From land triples that assess a dog's ability to handle multiple retrieves in a field setting to challenging water blinds that require precise navigation and obedience, each segment is structured to push the limits of the dogs' training and instincts.

One of the key elements of these stakes is the emphasis on handling and the dog's responsiveness to commands. Dogs are expected to perform off-lead, maintaining discipline and control from the moment they leave the holding area until they complete their retrieves. This not only tests the training level of the dog but also the effectiveness of the handler-dog communication.



Owner Handler Qualifying Stakes offer a unique opportunity for owners to directly engage in the competitive process, emphasizing the bond and teamwork between the handler and their dog. Achieving a placement in these events is a significant accomplishment, reflecting a high level of skill, training, and mutual understanding between the retriever and their owner.


By participating in an Owner Handler Qualifying Stake, handlers gain invaluable experience and the chance to earn titles that highlight their dog's abilities and training success. It's an excellent way for enthusiasts to delve into the world of field trials, develop their training techniques, and join a community of like-minded individuals passionate about enhancing the natural talents of their retrievers.

Join, Showcase, and Succeed

Dive into the exciting world of competitive retriever training by joining the Fox Valley Retriever Club's AKC Owner-Handler Qualifying (OHQ) Stake! This event offers a unique opportunity for both amateur and professional handlers to showcase the training and natural abilities of their retrievers across challenging land and water tests.


As part of our supportive community, you'll have the chance to develop your skills, earn prestigious titles, and strengthen the bond with your dog. Don't miss out on this chance to connect with fellow enthusiasts and push your training to new heights.


Join us and experience the thrill of competition and camaraderie at the Fox Valley Retriever Club!

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