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Fox Valley Retriever Club

Master Amateur Retriever Club

Elevating Amateur Excellence


Amateur Ascent

The Fox Valley Retriever Club (FVRC) is thrilled to support its members on their journey to the Master Amateur Retriever Club (MARC), a prestigious arena that celebrates the dedication, skill, and passion of amateur retriever handlers.


Unlike the broader scope of the Master National Retriever Club, MARC focuses exclusively on the amateur sector, offering a unique challenge that underscores the core of the sport: the profound partnership between an amateur handler and their retriever.

Distinct Path for Amateurs

Participation in MARC events requires individual membership with the Master Amateur Retriever Club before the start of the qualifying year. This ensures that any AKC-sponsored hunt test pass can count towards qualification for the Master Amateur.


This process highlights a key difference from the Master National, where individual membership isn't required but qualifications are limited to tests hosted by Master National-affiliated clubs.


Your Master Amateur Journey

While FVRC doesn’t have a formal membership with MARC akin to its affiliation with the Master National, it plays a crucial role in preparing members for the elevated challenges of Master Amateur competitions. Every pass earned at an FVRC-hosted AKC hunt test is a step closer to qualification, provided the handler is a registered member of MARC.


FVRC's commitment to excellence ensures that its training and tests are on par with the heightened standards expected at the Master Amateur level.

Join the Adventure

Engaging in the Master Amateur circuit is more than just competing; it's about being part of a select group that values the essence of amateur retriever training.

For members of the Fox Valley Retriever Club aspiring to stand among the best amateur retrievers and handlers in the country, the journey to the Master Amateur Retriever Club is a formidable but rewarding path. It's a testament to the hard work, dedication, and passion that defines the spirit of FVRC and its members. 

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