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Fox Valley Retriever Club

Property Rules

Essential Guidelines for Enjoying and Preserving the Fox Valley Retriever Club Property

  1. Boundary Awareness: Familiarize yourself with property boundaries; inquire if unsure.

  2. Training Hours: Open daily for training from dawn until dusk.

  3. Noise Restrictions: No noise-making devices (e.g., poppers, boom guns, pistols) before 8:00 AM.

  4. Hunting Prohibition: No hunting of any kind is permitted.

  5. Ammunition Rules: Use of live ammunition is prohibited; poppers, blanks, starter pistols, and boom guns are permitted.

  6. Bird Disposal: Do not dispose of dead birds on the property.

  7. Sign-In Requirement: Except during scheduled group training, sign in and out at the property log book located at the front gate (as required by the City of Muskego CUG).

  8. Property Conditions: Check property conditions before entry; it may be closed to vehicles but open to foot traffic during soft ground conditions. Contact Brian at 262-510-4586 if unsure.

  9. Trail Use: Stay on designated 2-track paths, particularly when grass is tall.

  10. Haying Season: Avoid driving on windrowed hay; training is still permitted.

  11. Vehicle Restrictions: No ATVs or motorcycles allowed except during scheduled workdays.

  12. Front Pond Restrictions: No training on the front pond from April 15th – July 15th due to waterfowl nesting.

  13. Neighbor Consideration: Respect neighbors by avoiding training near open windows by the front pond and adjacent land.

  14. Cleanliness: Clean up trash; this does not refer to dog waste.

  15. Access: Only members and their guests are permitted on the property.

  16. Professional Members: Pro members may use the property from 8am – 3pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

  17. Security: Please lock the gate upon leaving.


Reporting: Notify any board member of grounds issues.


These rules ensure the safety, respect, and enjoyment of our club and its neighbors. Thank you for your cooperation.


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